DC mother fears for family’s safety after shooting shatters windows in her children’s bedrooms

DC mother fears for family's safety after shooting shatters windows in her children's bedrooms

7News reported from the scene of a fatal shooting in northeast D.C. on Thursday night when police were called away to an active shooting just minutes away. In the Tyler House Apartments, three people were shot. On Saturday night, a mother, Johna Rando, who resides at the scene, shared her harrowing experience with 7News. It was an ordinary evening for Rando and her children, watching television in the living room.

Fortunately, they were in the living room when gunshots rang out, and bullets entered her apartment. Rando quickly instructed her kids to take cover, realizing the potential danger. The bullets landed near her son’s gaming chair, raising the possibility of a tragic outcome. Rando expressed the trauma of the situation, emphasizing the distress of being innocent victims of such violence. She shared her story to shed light on the plight of innocent people caught in the crossfire and the necessity of ensuring safety for her family. Rando is now hoping to relocate her family to a safer place, with her children currently staying with relatives.