15 most memorable men's March Madness moments since 2000

15 most memorable men's March Madness moments since 2000

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This is an honorable mention because it did not happen in the NCAA tournament, but instead in the Big East quarterfinal game, which led up to UConn’s tournament victory, which led to a national championship.

Every March, the Kemba Walker highlights start rolling around again. He is one of the best, if not the best UConn Husky in the history of the program. One specific moment where his creative ability to juke out defenders was in 2011 against Pitt, a game Walker himself calls the best of his UConn career.

You know the move. Cross up one way, come back and cross up the other way to really shake the Pitt defender, step back, shoot and sink the buzzer beater and win the game. It’s a moment of college basketball history too iconic to not include, even if it occurred a game before the 2011 run.

Kemba Walker UConn Buzzer Beater vs Pitt 3/10/2011

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