2022 NFL Draft: Most Likely To…

2022 NFL Draft: Most Likely To...

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Virginia tight end Jelani Woods scored a perfect 10.0 Relative Athletic Score, putting him in the 100th percentile. What’s the RAS you ask? It’s a rating system designed by Kent Platte to crunch all of a players’ figures in combine drills and game tape into one number.

So athletically, Woods is the top performing tight end out of the 998 that have tested since 1987.

Every player is then placed in a percentile. Obviously, only a select few have earned a 100th percentile RAS. That may not sound that impressive, but keep in mind some of the other ‘100th percentile’-ers from years past.

Cam Newton was the only quarterback to score in the 100th percentile at QB. I’d say he turned out pretty good. Calvin Johnson, yes, Megatron, is one of only two wide receivers to accomplish this feat. Creed Humphrey, a center who garnered a few Offensive Rookie of the Year votes last year, Brandon Brooks, a three-time Pro Bowler for the Texans and Eagles, and former All-Pro cornerback Byron Jones are a few of the people to have scored in the 100th percentile for athleticism.

Not every athlete to score this high went on to have an illustrious NFL career. The other wide receiver I mentioned earlier was Joe Webb, who actually played quarterback in college and in the NFL. Even though Webb was selected 199th overall, he couldn’t live up to the standard that other 199th overall picks have established. Brian Johnston out of Gardner-Webb University is the highest-testing edge defender ever. He was taken in the seventh round and recorded just two tackles during his NFL career. So, while Woods may be athletic, that doesn’t guarantee a Hall-of-Fame career.

Still, that athleticism isn’t something that can be overlooked. At the very least, Woods has a similar skillset to someone like Mo Alie-Cox, which would be a fine addition to most NFL teams already. That being said, if Woods finds himself in the right system, with a head coach that knows how to maximize his athleticism, we could have the next Jimmy Graham on our hands. We’re talking prime Jimmy Graham, and we don’t say that lightly.

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