AEW Full Gear: Fantastic All Out could look like a community board meeting compared to this

AEW Full Gear: Fantastic All Out could look like a community board meeting compared to this

CM Punk vs. Eddie Kingston

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Sam: Now this is how you build a feud in short order, though you rarely have two people as talented at mic-work as these two. Most everyone is most looking forward to this match, as they’re going to beat the absolute piss out of each other. And I think Eddie takes it. He doesn’t really have a signature win, and you can only take so many losses before you kind of neuter your character. Punk will take credit for raising Kingston to his level, Kingston will claim he proved that Punk is past it, which they can always come back to at a later date. Depending on how this goes, I highly doubt these two are done. Again, frothing.

Tom: Can these two just talk for an hour instead of (or in addition to) the physical violence? The Rampage segment that set up this match was exceptional. It’s a shame the feud will probably end here, because I’d love to see these guys cut promos on each other for a few more weeks. An interesting wrinkle is that Punk seems to be the heel in this matchup. At least for the time being, the “aw shucks, glad to be back” stuff is gone. He was kind of a dick last week! And he’s always been great in that lane, so hopefully he’ll lean harder into that as time goes on. As for the outcome here? I would not mind if Eddie gave Punk his first AEW loss, and I don’t think I’d be alone. But I doubt they’re ready to go there yet — especially not to cap off a story that spun up in the course of a week — and that’s the more responsible route in the long term. Eddie will beat the shit out of Punk, but Punk will win, and if I had to guess, he’ll do so by baiting Eddie into losing his composure. Unless they plan on turning one or both of these guys heel for a while, don’t be surprised if we see this end with a handshake or some other wholesome display of newfound mutual respect.

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