Are the Dallas Cowboys really America’s Team or just popular with gamblers?

Are the Dallas Cowboys really America's Team or just popular with gamblers?

A Dallas Cowboys fan watches from the stands during the NFC Divisional Playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers at Levis Stadium.
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A new study by Ohio Sports Betting researched the most popular NFL teams in the country by state. The Dallas Cowboys won by a whopping margin as the overwhelming team of choice in 15 states. This study was based on Google search data collected over the last 12 months. The Cowboys ran away with the competition, with the closest team winning just five states. That was the New England Patriots. The Minnesota Vikings finished third with four states.

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While Google search data is a good barometer, the final results might not be the most accurate where popularity is concerned. Many people search for teams other than their own for different reasons. Some fans might search for the Los Angeles Chargers, for example, based on a wager. Likewise, others could google search specific teams due to fantasy football or during the spring free agency and the NFL draft.

The Pittsburgh Steelers claimed just one state in this study, and it wasn’t Pennsylvania, where they reside. Pittsburgh was the most searched-for NFL organization, according to google stats in West Virginia. The Philadelphia Eagles reigned supreme in Pennsylvania, along with Delaware and New Jersey. The Steelers are one of the biggest NFL brands in the country, so it would seem likely they’d be more popular. You can say the same about the Green Bay Packers, who also won just one state.

We’ll let you be the judge and see how accurate this study is and where they got it right and wrong.

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