Charles Barkley puts TNT on blast for excluding Nikola Jokić from promo

Charles Barkley puts TNT on blast for excluding Nikola Jokić from promo

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The NBA is finally back with opening night upon us, and the Denver Nuggets are ready to kick off their title defense campaign against the Los Angeles Lakers on TNT. It’s too bad those in the promo department at TNT failed to acknowledge the champs leaving 2023 Finals MVP Nikola Jokić off an advertisement. It just so happens that Charles Barkley is the one who doled out the apology on behalf of the network.

“You sent me that graphic, and I showed it to Ernie [Johnson], and we just want to apologize to the Nuggets, Joker, and the city of Denver. That’s completely stupid not having Joker on that graphic. I mean, we’re here all day!”

One of the big stories all summer leading up to the regular season is the level of disrespect and lack of acknowledgment thrown in Denver’s face. There’s been so much talk about everyone else it’s almost like the Nuggets didn’t win anything. This is yet another example of how this team tends to be overlooked.

How the good folks at TNT managed to add a star from three of the four teams playing Tuesday night but completely neglected the Nuggets is astonishing. Including LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Stephen Curry makes sense because their teams will be in action. Adding Jason Tatum to this quartet totally missed the mark, especially since Boston’s season opener is Wednesday night on ESPN.

Obviously, mistakes happen, but allowing it to go out, and fall into the hands of Mr. Barkley might be the biggest mishap. Of course, he’ll put it on blast, letting the world know about the promo team’s goof. It’s just another example of how little the league and its partners care about small-market teams, no matter how good they are. It could end up being a little added motivation for Joker and the Nuggets, opening the season at home against LA. Maybe this is some of that contrived drama DJ Dunson was talking about for the Nuggets.

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