Coach K’s all-Duke ‘Duke’ Team

Coach K’s all-Duke ‘Duke’ Team

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After Saturday’s regular-season finale against North Carolina, the last time Mike Krzyzewski will take the floor at Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Duke Blue Devils are only guaranteed two more games this season between the ACC and NCAA Tournaments.

And while as much as Coach K is trying to make these final games about the program and his players, this wouldn’t be a situation anybody cared about if it wasn’t for him. It’s been reported that over 200 of his former players have been invited to Saturday’s game. But before it ends, it’s always fun to look back at the players that have made this program into one that causes visceral reactions from fans.

This “team” won’t feature all the best players to ever play for Coach K. And it won’t have anything to do with how they turned out in the pros. It will feature guys that made you want to fight them and players that made you not hate Duke so much. There will be some names that are expected, but also a few surprises. These are the 12 players that made hating and loving Duke a “thing.”

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