Even Evan Engram couldn’t believe that Evan Engram made the Pro Bowl

Even Evan Engram couldn't believe that Evan Engram made the Pro Bowl

Evan Engram was shocked that Evan Engram made the 2020 Pro Bowl.

Pro Bowl voting is always a little curious, to say the least. And let’s be honest, no one really knows — or cares — how selections really work anymore. Still, there are always bound to be a few snubs or surprise picks for the NFL’s end-of-year celebration. In 2020, arguably the biggest surprise of all was Giants tight end Engram making the dance, the first selection of his career.

Speaking on the New York Post’s “Blue Rush” podcast, Engram thought that teammate Daniel Jones was playing an elaborate prank on him, but eventually discovered that he did, in fact, make the Pro Bowl.

I was leaving the facility and DJ [Daniel Jones] said something and I really didn’t pay it any mind. He was like, ‘Bro, congrats on the Pro Bowl.’ I thought he was joking, so I just didn’t pay it any mind. And then I’m driving home and I get a call from our PR people and they’re setting up this Zoom with Howard Cross at 1:30 and it’s the most random time and the most random thing they ever really wanted me to do. So I’m like, ‘There’s no way.’ … I was really shocked. I was very surprised.

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Engram is having a decent, but not Pro Bowl-caliber season in 2020. He’s notched 572 yards on 54 receptions this year, along with a sole touchdown. He’s also been credited with nine drops on the season, per Pro-Football Reference.

NFL fans were upset that Packers tight end Robert Tonyan didn’t get the nod instead: While he and Engram have similar receptions and yards (551 yards and 49 receptions for Tonyan), Tonyan has reached paydirt 10 times this season for Green Bay.

Engram’s career has been mired with injury and drop issues, so a Pro Bowl appearance in potentially his last season with the Giants is going to muddy the free-agency outlook for Engram this offseason.

With fans clearly confused and stunned over Engram’s selection, NFL players are once again proving that pro athletes are just like us.

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