Give us more Charles Barkley insulting Stephen A. Smith

Give us more Charles Barkley insulting Stephen A. Smith

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ESPN and TNT have combined their coverage of the NBA’s In-Season Tournament, and as always, Charles Barkley kept things interesting.

After praising several of his colleagues, the Hall of Famer turned his attention to ESPN talking head Stephen A. Smith.

“If you come over here with all that loud ass talking. Hey, this ain’t First Take,” Sir Charles said. “This gonna be the first ass whooping you take if you come over here with that loud-ass talking.”

Stephen A. didn’t seem too bothered by the comment, as he and Barkley laughed it off.

The two were at two separate sets outside of T-Moblie Arena in Las Vegas. Smith was joined by Malika Andrews, Adrian Wojnarowski, Michael Wilbon, and Bob Myers. Barkley had his TNT crew of Ernie Johnson, Shaq, and Kenny Smith. The simulcast of the two sets together allowed for a lot more conversation and jokes, commentary, and analysis of basketball.

Fans seemed to enjoy it too, taking to social media to talk about the simulcast.

Barkley has appeared on Smith’s show, First Take before. He was on in February to talk about load management in the NBA.

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