Gotta love the fashion at the NFL Draft

Gotta love the fashion at the NFL Draft

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The NFL Draft, one of only two days on the NFL calendar that provides good endorphins for every single NFL fan. The other is when Scott Hanson returns to NFL Red Zone Week 1 to say for the first time nine months, “seven hours of uninterrupted football.” At both moments, there is no concrete knowledge about how fans’ favorite teams will perform, just the feeling of hope that comes from something new.

No one knows if the players drafted in the first round tonight are going to have long, all-pro, NFL careers. We need to see them against a field full of NFL players to be able to make that assessment, regardless of what ESPN and NFL Network’s endless panels of analysts have to say, and the lighting pace of trades. While a firm assessment of these players’ NFL talent can’t be reached today, we can judge the way that they presented themselves to the world on the biggest day of their lives — specifically their outfit choices.

The NFL draft may not be the MET Gala, but these young men are making their big introductions to the world on network primetime television. Their fits have absolutely evolved from Deion Sanders’ tracksuit at the house in 1989. So while some people will be ranking these draft classes of people who have never played NFL Football, I’m going to give the people some hard data: The best five fits of the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

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