Happy Birthday, Aaron Rodgers! You’re still a selfish liar

Happy Birthday, Aaron Rodgers! You’re still a selfish liar

Aaron Rodgers just keeps talking.

Aaron Rodgers just keeps talking.
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The Aaron Rodgers “farewell to Green Bay” tour bus keeps rolling along and has claimed a few more bystanders that were run into, then backed over, in the process. This time it’s the Packers’ coaching staff catching the brunt of this blame game Rodgers loves to play.

“With these reports — I don’t know where they’re coming from,” Rodgers explained on The Pat McAfee Show. “I don’t know who’s talking. It seems like there are certain coaches that may have friends in the media that they don’t realize are actually just trying to report things.”

“There were guys for a while who had their people who they would leak stuff to.”

Are we seriously doing this? I’m sorry, but did the entire world have the same dream about Rodgers publicly commenting on his alleged “COVID toe” to the media? What the hell does he mean there’s a leak coming from the coaching staff? This is outright unabashed assclown behavior we’re witnessing from Rodgers.

The Packers finally relinquished a little power, and now Aaron’s just saying and doing anything he wants, no matter how ridiculous it sounds. It’s barely been a week since Rodgers shoved his crusty toes in the camera to disprove the COVID toe report. As usual with Rodgers, he’s pushed all blame away from himself like a child shoving their broccoli onto the dog’s plate when mom and dad’s backs are turned.

Rodgers has the Packers exactly where he’s always wanted them, and he’s testing the limits of what and how much he can get away with like that kid at the dinner table. He knows Packers general manager Brian Gutenkunst won’t say much of anything that isn’t positive toward Aaron at this point in the relationship. Team President Mark Murphy probably isn’t going to say anything to Rodgers, especially after they allowed him to prance around team facilities all year without adhering to non-vaccinated player protocols. Oh, and let’s not forget the drafting of Jordan Love and how unprepared he is to become the franchise almost two years later. Murphy and Gutenkunst must swallow that since it’s turning out to be the largest horse pill we’ve seen in some time.

Time is running out on the Rodgers era in Green Bay, but suitors for Aaron’s services after this should be wary. Other teams should be skeptical, but they won’t. Rodgers can still fling the ball around on the field better than almost any other QB the NFL has ever seen. That’s all that matters to these teams. The fact that he’ll lie about something as serious as his vaccination status then play the victim once his fabrication is unearthed shows just how selfish the man is willing to be. But as long as Rodgers continues to throw 30-plus TD passes with very few interceptions, that’s all that counts. If Rodgers can be this callous toward the franchise that took a chance on him and helped grow and develop his career, then he’ll surely be the same way with another organization.

So, whichever team Rodgers ends up on next season, don’t be shocked by his irreverence toward your front office before he kicks you in the ass after shaking your hand and gladly taking your money. He’s done it to the Packers, and the rumblings we’ve heard about Rodgers for years from different teammates about his self-serving ways appear to have some merit.

Proceed with caution, NFL teams. Sure, the outside is all glittery and shiny like an Instagram filter, but underneath lies the bare-boned ugly truth. To the other 31 NFL general managers, I say, don’t be fooled by trick camera angles and perfect lighting.

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