Here’s betting Iowa State QB Hunter Dekker’s career is over after allegedly gambling on team

Here's betting Iowa State QB Hunter Dekker's career is over after allegedly gambling on team

As of July 2021, name, image, and likeness allowed college athletes to earn money using their personal brands while under the NCAA’s watch. Well, at least above-the-table payments. Betting has obviously never been part of that agreement, as placing money down on games you’re involved in brings in the world of ethical issues. Pete Rose is still out of baseball and the Cincinnati Reds take pride in disowning their franchise’s GOAT. Enter Hunter Dekkers, who had the inside track to be Iowa State’s starting quarterback for the second season in a row, until a criminal complaint filed Monday accused him of betting on Cyclones’ games.

The complaint alleges around 366 bets totaling $2,799 — two oddly specific amounts — were placed on a DraftKings account linked to Dekkers, including 26 bets on Iowa State games. The individual wagers include putting money down on Iowa State’s game against Oklahoma State on Oct. 23, 2021, which Dekkers didn’t play in. The complaint doesn’t state what type of bet he made on the game, but it does state Dekkers was under 21 — Iowa’s legal betting age — when most of the bets were placed. His identity was allegedly disguised with help from his parents, Scott and Jami Dekkers.

In a statement to ESPN, Dekkers’ attorney said his client will plead not guilty to the charges, but also step away from the team at this time. Across the country, fall football camps have opened to give teams about a month to get in shape before the season gets into full swing. A key part of fall camp is setting the depth chart, which had Dekkers nearly guaranteed to be penciled in as QB No. 1, not only due to being the incumbent but a lack of experience at the Power Five level behind him. Now, he’ll be lucky to play another college football game, as the updated NCAA rules state permanent expulsion from games as a possible penalty.

Dekkers is also one of four current or former Iowa State athletes charged with tampering with records related to a larger ongoing investigation related to sports gambling at Iowa’s universities. Shockingly, one of the other three individuals is Eyioma Uwazurike, the Denver Broncos defensive lineman who was suspended by the NFL last week for violating the league’s gambling policy. Pot meet kettle. In addition to betting on NFL games from the Broncos’ facility, the complaint alleges Uwazurike made 801 bets totaling more than $21,300, including four bets on Iowa State football games. He’s setting quite the example for how to mess up your football career. Even Uwazurike didn’t allegedly bet the most while as a Cyclone. Sophomore wrestler Paniro Johnson allegedly placed around 1,283 bets worth more than $45,600, including about 25 on Iowa State games.

This is the latest development in the alleged gambling activity that was widespread at Iowa and Iowa State. As the crackdown on college athletes’ gambling continues, the problem going beyond Alabama and the Iowa schools is bound to happen. There’s no way these incidents are isolated. And you know how easy it is to not bet on your team and games your teammates will play in? Just an all-around, alleged, asinine decision from Dekkers. 

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