Hey! Have you guys heard about this virus sweeping America?

Hey! Have you guys heard about this virus sweeping America?

Rashard Higgins

Rashard Higgins
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Jarvis Landry is among the five players, including the bulk of the Browns’ receiving corps, who went on the COVID-19 list as close contacts of virus-positive linebacker B.J. Goodson and have to miss Sunday’s game against the Jets.

Rashard Higgins, one of the receivers ruled out, said that he does not have coronavirus and that this shit sucks.

Yeah, it sure does suck that it’s December and we’re still dealing with this pandemic and there are more than 100,000 people in America hospitalized with COVID right now. That’s some shit, and it sucks. Not getting to play against the Jets also does suck, but the reason is that even though Higgins doesn’t have COVID, there are safety protocols in place to try to prevent the disease and allow stupid things like a Browns-Jets game to proceed at all. The whole thing about a close contact is that you might have the virus and be able to spread it, but not yet be testing positive.

Here’s hoping that Higgins simply doesn’t have it, but the lesson that America still hasn’t learned, even in the face of 330,000-some deaths, is that it’s better to be too careful with a deadly virus than not careful enough.

October: Greg Norman criticizes COVID-19 restrictions in Australia, while praising Donald Trump’s handling of the virus in America.

December: Norman hosts a golf tournament in Florida, then gets COVID, as do his wife and son.

It’s weird how this kind of thing keeps happening to people. If only there were some way to prevent it. Ah, well.

It’s nice to see that even though they’re in Las Vegas now, the Raiders have retained the institutional memory of taking a phenomenally stupid penalty to blow a game that seems unblowable.

Lots of teams do that, really, but it’s especially Raiders to take a late lead, somehow blow it, manage to get the lead back, and then have the phenomenally stupid penalty to finally blow it for good.

The Patriots adding kicker Roberto Aguayo to their practice squad is notable for the return of the 2016 second-round pick to an organization, and hilarious because the Patriots used their fifth-round pick on a kicker, Deadspin’s 39th-ranked Idiot of 2020, white supremacist tattoo enthusiast Justin Rohrwasser.

It’s wrong to say a misprint could only happen to the Knicks, because it’s a bizarre mistake that could happen to anyone — heck, it’s happened multiple times to Wayne Gretsky… uh, Gretkzy… Gretzky.

But of course it happened to the Knicks.

The Knicks lost to the 76ers by 20 points.

Yahoo: John Calipari fumes about schedule as Kentucky falls to 1-6 after loss to Louisville

Yeah, who’s the jerk that put together Kentucky’s schedule? Just wait until John Calipari gives that guy a piece of his mind.

Saturday Down South: John Calipari after Kentucky’s 1-6 start: ‘This was the stupidest schedule I’ve ever put together


Coastal Carolina’s undefeated season finally ended with a 37-34 loss in the Cure Bowl to Liberty, on a blocked field goal in overtime.

Whatever, the Chanticleers should have been in the College Football Playoff. You can understand taking a loss with the disappointment of getting sent to Orlando for a bowl game instead of The CFP Semifinal at the Rose Bowl Game at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, presented by Capital One and Jerry Jones as part of the Master License Agreement, Co-Owned By The Pasadena Tournament of Roses and the City of Pasadena — Pasadena, California, Not Pasadena, Texas.

If Alabama doesn’t rearrange its schedule for next season to give Coastal Carolina the shot it deserves, Nick Saban is a coward.

Sure, now Northwestern beats Ohio State. One Saturday too late, Wildcats.

Congratulations to David Ndukwe for waiting until December 26, after our Idiot of the Year voting closed, to… well, looking back at this year, he wouldn’t have been close anyway, but still…

Ndukwe is a player for Western Kentucky.

Western Kentucky was 5-6 this season.

The Hilltoppers were in the Lendingtree Bowl for some reason anyway.

Ndukwe was ejected from the Lendingtree Bowl for putting hands on an official.

Ndukwe was not in the game for the play that resulted in his ejection.

Not in the game! Not in the game for losing-record Western Kentucky in a bowl that sounds made up, in Mobile, Alabama, against Georgia State, whose home stadium is a baseball park. There’s no way to tell that story and even start to sound cool.

And Western Kentucky lost, 39-21.

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