IDIOT OF THE MONTH: Morons, morons everywhere

IDIOT OF THE MONTH: Morons, morons everywhere

2. Antonio Brown

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Antonio Brown went full Deshaun Watson at a hotel pool in the United Arab Emirates this past May, but news of his inappropriate shenanigans didn’t become publicly available until this month. That said, Antonio Brown acted so stupidly and responded in such an immature manner that it makes his inclusion a no-brainer even if technicalities wouldn’t normally permit such.

The former All-Pro and current rap artist was caught on camera harassing a woman while exposing his glutes, genitalia, and massive unchecked ego to several onlookers who all cheered and laughed at the woman’s obvious discomfort. After getting some heat from the public after the video emerged, Brown took to Twitter to defend himself.

How tone deaf must you be to post something like this? This isn’t about the NFL. The NFL isn’t the ones making you look like a fool right now. You’re not even associated with them. Brown has made himself a laughingstock all on his own, no partners in crime necessary.

Not only does the video not “clearly” show the woman swimming off with Brown’s trunks like he claims, but even if she was, that doesn’t give Brown an excuse to continue waving his ass and pecker at her. If she really wanted him, she would’ve come back after finally getting away. When Brown raised his erection out of the water for the entire hotel to see and shouted, “You know you want this!” at her, she would’ve come back, wouldn’t she? Instead, according to the New York Post, she immediately went to members of the hotel staff to complain about the entire incident. She was obviously uncomfortable and didn’t appreciate the gestures.

I haven’t even gotten to the fact that near the end of their encounter, Brown stole a scarf from a different vacationer and tried to put it around the woman’s face. With both Brown and his victim surrounded by water, putting a cloth over someone’s face isn’t a kind gesture, it’s a method of torture used in Guantanamo Bay, known as waterboarding. The woman immediately tried to throw it off, but Brown didn’t take kindly to the rejection and promptly threw the woman over his shoulder. That’s when she finally gets away.

Yeah, dude, you really know how to make women swoon. What an absolute buffoon.

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