IDIOT OF THE MONTH: We’re surrounded by idiots

IDIOT OF THE MONTH: We're surrounded by idiots

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Here’s the current state of Nebraska football: Head coach Scott Frost, who was sanctioned and suspended for holding illegal practices stemming from the COVID season, recently bragged about practicing his players to the point of vomiting on some sort of macho “We’re the best-conditioned football team” shit right before succumbing late to Northwestern, and getting out-coached by Pat Fitzgerald — AGAIN.

Frost was inducted into the September Idiot of the Month slideshow before going over to Ireland and getting bullied off the field for his second consecutive season opener, but he got lucky he wasn’t THE Idiot of the Month because the embattled (embarrassing?) coach invented another way to lose a game.

Up 28-17 in the third quarter after playing alright football for most of the game, Frost tried his best Sean Payton impression, went for a surprise onside kick, and Charlie Browned his pants. The Wildcats recovered, immediately cut the deficit to 28-24 with a quick score, and then took the lead 31-28 while Texas transfer Casey Thompson fired off a couple of late interceptions to stamp out any hopes of a comeback Huskers fans had while drinking bloody Marys before a wedding with a bunch of college football fans eager for their team to start the season.

Before the year, Frost said his offensive linemen were puking 15 to 20 per practice under new O-line coach Dominic Raiola “not because they’re not in shape — he’s just working them hard.”

“I think they love it,” the Big Red buffoon said. “He’s kind of freed them up to go be aggressive, and I love the way they’re coming off the ball.”

Yet it was Northwestern who was the more physical team, with running backs Evan Hull and Cam Porter rushing for a combined 223 yards and two scores to Nebraska’s 128 yards (110 if you factor in Thompson’s -18) on the ground.

After the game, Northwestern offensive line coach Kurt Anderson hopped on Twitter, and fired off a stray he had been saving for such an occasion.

The idiom is “Work smarter, not harder,” but for the Idiot, it’s just “Work harder.”

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