If Myles Garrett played in Dallas not Cleveland he’d already be crowned best in the NFL

If Myles Garrett played in Dallas not Cleveland he’d already be crowned best in the NFL

Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett is having a phenomenal season thus far and is already a prime candidate for Defensive Player of the Year honors. The Browns defense, led by Garrett, is carrying the team, which is tied for second in the AFC North at 4-2. Despite a fantastic start, Garrett’s performance still seems to fly under the radar. This is a shame because if he played for a team like the Dallas Cowboys, everyone outside the DFW would be tired of hearing about him.

According to NFL Research, Garrett is only player in last 30 seasons to record multiple sacks, force multiple fumbles, block field goal in same game.

Garrett’s been balling all season, but he absolutely showed out on Sunday in Cleveland’s 39-38 victory over Indianapolis. He was all over the field and the Browns needed every bit of Garrett’s energy to get the win. Of course, the Monday after an exciting game like that and the performance of a lifetime, it’ll get run most of the day. But by late Tuesday, everyone will have moved on to the next big story.

This is the reality of playing in a market like Cleveland. It doesn’t matter how good you are; you will be overlooked to an extent. Garrett’s efforts may be celebrated locally, but on a nationwide scale, most will acknowledge his accomplishments and then move on to talk about a team like the Dallas Cowboys.

Micah Parsons is another great pass rusher in the NFL, but having that non-stop hype train in Big D rallying behind him makes a difference. Both players are disruptive, two-time All-Pro selections, but Parsons bursting onto the scene a couple of years ago and helping to reshape Dallas’ defense has gotten all the headlines.

What Garrett has done the past few seasons in helping Cleveland get back to some form of respectability is remarkable. Even if it hasn’t shown in the win-loss column, Garrett is more than doing his part in leading this defense. He frequently beats multiple guys en route to the quarterback like it’s just another day at the office.

The bottom line is if Garrett were on equal footing in the eyes of mainstream NFL media, he’d be the talk of the town ahead of Parsons. Were Garrett on the Cowboys, he’d definitely be the one compared to Lawrence Taylor for his pass-rush ability.

Garrett will need to lead the charge in bringing a Super Bowl to the Dawg Pound to receive anywhere near the same praise as Parsons. Garrett and Pittsburgh’s T.J. Watt are currently leading the field for DPOY. Parsons is having a good year but hasn’t been on the same level as the two AFC North sack artists. 

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