Is Jimmy Butler's next stop Hollywood?

Is Jimmy Butler's next stop Hollywood?

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Miami Heat frontman Jimmy Butler is out here living his best life despite the recent brawl (which got him suspended) he was involved in on the court. Not even going to NBA jail could bring down the Heat star as his cameo in “Fall Out Boy’s” new music video, “So Much (for) Stardust” debuted this week. Butler plays an “emo” Cowboy as it seems the six-time All-Star could be preparing for his next career.

We saw Butler break out the emo look before the season and now it’s back, featured in Fall Out Boy’s latest video. A couple of years ago, Jimmy Buckets broke out the braids prior to the season beginning and that also got lots of attention.

Looking at Butler’s getup in the video he clearly loves costumes. At 34, with a multitude of injuries over the years, you begin to wonder how much longer he’ll play. Butler could be setting himself up for more acting roles to come.

Butler already has “Bigface” brand which features Bigface coffee. That started as a side hustle during the pandemic and has flourished over the past few years. It wouldn’t be shocking to see Butler popping up in more cameos as he has the requisite big personality. It may not be one that everyone likes, but he does have it.

Watching Butler in this video he seems to be enjoying himself. At one point, he even busted out a mini-Harlem shake which is a throwback that doesn’t really fit the genre, but it works. Now all the Butler stans will be waiting for more of this from their guy.

What I’m waiting for is the next unexpected hairdo we’ll get from Mr. Butler. Instead of waiting until next season, he should bless us on the eve of this year’s playoffs. He’d probably be criticized to no end, but it won’t come from me. Come on Jimmy, give the people what they want. Maybe he’ll dye his hair some outrageous color this time. Or walk out with something so outlandish that it blows the internet to smithereens.

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