Josh Donaldson is a bigger baby than you thought

Josh Donaldson is a bigger baby than you thought

Just shut up already, Josh.
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No one should be surprised that Josh Donaldson can’t stop whining about actually facing the consequences, as minuscule as they were. The whole country has dive bombed into the toilet and beyond, based solely on the inability of white men to actually do any introspection or receive any criticism whatsoever without losing their mud. Once it stopped being a playground they could bully freely, we get what we’ve got here now. Look no further than yesterday’s big story and everything surrounding it concerning the Depp-Heard trial.

Anyway, Donaldson had a whole other team, a national news story, and his own teammates tell him that he was a racist asshole to Tim Anderson, and yet instead of considering all that that what he said might have been wrong, Donaldson took the more predictable path of lashing out, wondering why his teammates didn’t have his back simply because they wear the same uniform. You can guess which Donaldson thinks is the bigger crime, what he did or what his teammates failed to do.

Remember, before Donaldson even showed up at spring training he had to have a come-to-jesus with Gerrit Cole, who had previously (and likely still) hated his guts. Donaldson has been a known dickhead everywhere he’s gone, and certainly the Twins don’t seem to miss him this year.

And yet, as it always is with guys like Donaldson, who feel the world and everything in it is entitled to them or owes them something, he is the aggrieved party, even though he got off way too lightly for his grossness toward Anderson. He even went so far as to wonder why Aaron Judge didn’t have his back, as if that’s a Holmes-ian mystery to figure out.

Donaldson probably still blames Anderson for making a “big deal” out of the whole thing, wondering why he’s just not allowed to say whatever he wants because he happens to think it’s funny or cute. He’s hardly alone, that’s how a whole section of the population works and gets pandered to by the likes of Fox News and BarfStool. As soon as he retires, you can bet Donaldson will probably get a podcast right next to Paul Bissonnette where he can say whatever he wants and have like-minded reptiles flap their hands and talk about how he’s keeping it real.

Hopefully Donaldson sees a few fastballs that land in his ear. Assuming they don’t come from Cole himself.

Say it ain’t, Soto

Anyway, in tamer baseball news, Nationals GM Mike Rizzo was forced to shoot down the latest media-driven rumor about the Nats trading Juan Soto. This is a product of the times, because the Nats never had any intention of trading Soto. They never took a call. They never made one. And yet this became a whole thing because enough people said the words “trade” and “Soto” in articles because they were bored that it became something the team’s GM actually had to comment on.

This happens more and more, where some writer somewhere adds two and two and gets “spork” and suddenly people think it’s an actual rumor. So there’s shit like this. Or this. It all started when Buster Olney opened his maw and some green shit dribbled out onto the floor. There is no actual report here that the Nats are shopping Soto. It’s just other execs, who certainly have no ulterior motive AT ALL, saying that, “hey if they can’t sign him maybe they’ll have to deal him one day.” Nevermind the Nationals still have two-and-a-half seasons to try and sign him or figure out their direction. Olney talks to one executive friend over the room temperature chocolate milk they drink together and suddenly it’s now a rumor. Then every site everywhere has to speculate what it would look like, even though it’s not real. It’s not a thing. It’s not happening.

But this is life these days. Spout one poof of horseshit into the air and everyone has to inhale it eventually.

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