Just Win… City, Baby

Just Win… City, Baby

When we think of winning, we definitely think of the Raiders.

When we think of winning, we definitely think of the Raiders.
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In the oxymoronic move of the month, the Las Vegas Raiders have filed for a new trademark that doesn’t exactly match their current situation. Darren Rovell tweeted about the trademark that is set to become a new slogan for the team. Win City — a play on the team’s location, Sin City —has been swooped up by the team known for the term “just win, baby.”

The timing of the filing is odd since the team has three wins in 10 games so far this season. Last season would’ve been a better time to register this slogan because Las Vegas did make a playoff appearance. Now it just feels like a day late and a few dollars short.

This move is right on brand for the franchise, which was recently described by LA Times columnist Bill Plaschke as “cash-strapped” and unable to afford to fire head coach Josh McDaniels.

“Raiders don’t have the money to fire him, to pay him off. They’re cash-poor.” Plaschke said on ESPN’s Around the Horn.

Trademarking this slogan for Win City shows just how clueless the decision-makers in the organization are. Sure, it sounds good, but that doesn’t begin to exemplify what the Raiders stand for. This franchise has played in two playoff games in the past 20 years. They’ve finished in either third or fourth place in the AFC West 16 times since 2003. The last thing this franchise needs to be masquerading around as are winners.

Barring some miracle turnaround and lots of help, Las Vegas is on the verge of missing the playoffs again and are stuck with a coach who clearly isn’t cut out to be the head man of any NFL franchise. This team has already been a laughingstock for quite some time and still decided to file this trademark. At this point, it’s hard to know who to blame because owner Mark Davis has no clue how to run an organization. He certainly isn’t a chip off the old Davis block.

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