Mac Jones’ confidence lives in the gutters of New England

Mac Jones’ confidence lives in the gutters of New England

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Mac Jones might be the lowest quarterback currently getting live reps in the NFL. Not from a statistical standpoint, although he isn’t exactly wowing anyone. But watching Jones on the field, it’s painfully evident his confidence is shot. He threw two interceptions in the first half of Sunday’s game against the New York Giants, and after the second, when leaving the field, the expression on his face said everything.

That touchdown-saving tackle that stopped a pick-six for the G-Men is Jones’ best play in weeks. It should definitely be included in his season highlight reel. Since it’ll be full of Jones passing to the wrong team, at least he can be proud of his ankle tackle.

Adding insult to injury, the Patriots came out from halftime against the Giants with Bailey Zappe in the lineup. Being benched for a guy named Bailey Zappe on multiple occasions isn’t doing your self-esteem any favors. On top of that, Zappe was able to lead New England down the field into scoring position. Rhamondre Stevenson finished the drive with a TD run, while Zappe completed all six of his pass attempts for 38 yards.

There’s a reason why Bill Belichick is rumored to potentially leave New England after the season. Although “The Hoodie” did draft Jones, at this point, he probably sees zero upside in staying with the franchise any longer. Jones is on the quick path to becoming a career backup. If not for the Patriots, it’s hard to see a team giving Jones the opportunity to walk in as QB1. He might land somewhere and “compete” for the starting job, but after being replaced by Zappe, there can’t be much hope left.

Jones has been bad enough to play his way out of the NFL. The best thing for Jones might be to play full-time backup for a few years. The less game film on him, the better. Not being on the field to make so many mistakes might be the best thing for his confidence right now. When he’s on the field, Jones is more likely to turn the ball over to the opposition than to get the Pats into the end zone. Belichick has got to be wondering what he did to deserve this. Meanwhile, Jones is probably contemplating his eventual transition to the USFL. 

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