NFL RedZone Previews, Part 4: The Prime Time Players

NFL RedZone Previews, Part 4: The Prime Time Players

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Non-RedZone games: 9/26 vs. Packers, 10/24 vs. Colts, 11/15 vs. Rams, 12/5 at Seahawks, 12/23 at Titans

Vegas O/U: 10.5 wins

Does that make sense? Uhhhh… the 49ers won six games last year. Sure, they’re getting Jimmy Garoppolo back, but he’s not even guaranteed to be the starter for the whole season because the 49ers drafted Trey Lance. Also, they lost defensive coordinator Robert Saleh to the Jets, and the head coach, Kyle Shanahan, is developing himself a really nice reputation as a fraud. And yet, when you see a line this much higher than you think it should be, it makes you hesitate.

Best fantasy player: TE George Kittle

Vibes: We’re all pretty familiar with what Jimmy G is capable of at this point, so it feels like a waiting game for Lance. There’s enough talent in the receiving corps to do damage, but somebody’s got to get those guys the ball. It’s pretty obviously not a Super Bowl team, and when you were in the Super Bowl two years ago, that kinda sucks to go into the season with.

TL;DR: Setting up to be one of the most disappointing teams in the league. Again.

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