Reimagining the NFL Combine

Reimagining the NFL Combine

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The 40-yard dash was originally designed to measure special teams coverage skills. The 40-yard dash stems from the average distance of a punt and the time it takes to reach that distance and has never been an accurate predictor of game speed. Earlier this season, Patrick Mahomes explained that the reason he appears so much faster on the field than the underwhelming straight-line 4.8 40 he ran at the combine in 2017 is that they should’ve had somebody chasing him.

Some guys run faster when they can hear the footsteps, so have a defensive end with a running start take off after a skill position player, who has to run between, around, and through tackle pads, then time them that way. On the other hand, defenders loping through the same have to chase after a holographic image of Lamar Jackson. We have augmented reality technology and a hologram Tupac performed at Coachella over a decade ago. Let’s bring this event into the 21st century.

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