Republican-sponsored anti-LGBTQ bills attacking transgender youth participation in sports reaches new low

Republican-sponsored anti-LGBTQ bills attacking transgender youth participation in sports reaches new low

Daniel Hawkins (l.) passed the bill, overriding a veto by Gov. Laura Kelly (center)
Photo: Charlie Riedel (AP)

Republicans en masse across the country haven’t made it clear what they truly stand for outside of hating others and tolerating racism and all forms of bigotry. They’re more afraid and concerned of Black peaceful protestors and children properly identifying their sexuality than insurrectionists, mass murderers, and the career criminal hiding in plain sight that once occupied the Oval Office. Earlier this week, Kansas House Speaker and Republican Peter Griffin look-alike Daniel Hawkins was pivotal in the passing of a new anti-LGBTQ bill that allows for forced genital inspections of children in order for them to play sports.

Maybe because other children’s privates mean so much to him and are clearly none of his concern, he’s volunteering to administer the exams despite having zero medical training to be a pediatrician. Aside from looking like the star of FOX’s Family Guy, Hawkins has an uncanny resemblance to former U.S. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert, who was sentenced to 15 months in prison for financial offenses regarding sexual abuse of teenage boys in 2016. Per CNN, more than 400 anti-LGBTQ bills have been introduced in state legislatures this year, a new record. It’s also more than double the number of bills of similar topics introduced in all of 2022. The ramp-up in attacking LGBTQ children includes 20 states with laws banning transgender students from participating in sports consistent with whichever gender they identify with.

Republicans are the common denominator

The common thread among those 20 states? If it wasn’t obvious, they’re all Republican-led legislatures. And that list is sure to grow by the summer and the next school year as states like Missouri — as Midwest Red as it gets — are among the 30-plus states and territories that don’t have one. A state boasting such political “talent” as Mike Parson not succumbing to pressure from fellow Republicans? Especially with a bunch of people who look as athletic as Hawkins, dialed in on the issues that matter most in his state and country. Attacking kids trying to figure out who they are is beyond disgusting. All competition should be fair in sports, but disqualifying anyone because of what gender they identify with isn’t for the sake of fair play. It’s for control and this is an impossible-to-comprehend power grab. 

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