Saints’ Alvin Kamara did a number on this sideline official’s leg

Saints' Alvin Kamara did a number on this sideline official's leg

The New Orleans Saints’ Alvin Kamara accidentally crashed into a sideline official in a game against the Detroit Lines and the official’s leg does not look great.
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Let’s get the content warning out of the way: While not as gruesome as, say, slow motion video of Joe Theisman’s leg swinging the opposite way it’s supposed to, the video of Saints running back Alvin Kamara rolling up on a sideline official is not exactly pleasant to watch. Proceed with caution and preferably on an empty stomach.

If you’re not squeamish and you really, really want to see what happened, you can watch the video here.

I’m no doctor or anything, but that leg doesn’t look …unbroken.

Obviously, nothing Kamara did here was intentional, and the chain official was likely well-acquainted with the potential danger of being front and center on the NFL sidelines, but it’s always upsetting to see someone injured in professional sports, whether on the field or on-the-field adjacent.

Alvin Kamara is listed at 5’10 and 215 lbs, and while he’s far from the biggest guy in the NFL, it’s a good reminder of how powerful pro football players are, especially with helmets and pads on, compared to the rest of us mere mortals in the stands and on the sidelines. Remember that next time someone starts whining about roughing the QB or measures to prevent concussions.

Here’s to hoping Kamara isn’t beating himself up over this and that the official recovers quickly and is back at work soon.

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