Sean Payton will coach again — and not with the Cowboys

Sean Payton will coach again — and not with the Cowboys

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There will be no Sean Payton on Fox Sports next season, he has found a new place to coach. ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that Payton will be the Denver Broncos’ next head coach. The Broncos and Payton’s former team, the New Orleans Saints, are reportedly finalizing compensation.

Following the disastrous Nathaniel Hackett season of 2022, Payton will have the honor of fixing one of the worst offenses in the NFL. He coached a short, aging Drew Brees so maybe that experience will help him get the best out of a declining Russell Wilson.

Because of that enormous $245 million dollar contract, the Broncos are stuck with Wilson longterm, even though at times he played so poorly in 2022 that he looked like he didn’t belong in the NFL. His dead cap hit doesn’t get under $30 million until 2017, so cutting him isn’t feasible for a while.

It is safe to assume that Payton will be handsomely compensated as well — after all, the Broncos ownership is the Walton-Penner (read: Walmart) familybut he is not jumping into a situation ready-made for a Super Bowl. The Broncos need fixing, so he had better bring his hard hat and lunch bucket.

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