Somehow Aaron Rodgers survived his ‘cancel culture casket’ [UPDATED]

Somehow Aaron Rodgers survived his ‘cancel culture casket’ [UPDATED]

Aaron Rodgers is staying in Green Bay.

Aaron Rodgers is staying in Green Bay.
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Aaron Rodgers is staying in Green Bay, we know that much.

It was reported that he signed a mammoth $200 million deal, according to the NFL Network, that will presumably keep him happy in Green Bay for another four seasons.

But Rodgers, who famously complained of being canceled, took to Twitter to correct that.

In a tweet posted at 2:43 pm, Rodgers confirmed that he was returning next season but also declared that the terms of his contract as reported by Ian Rapoport were inaccurate. Rodgers’ tweet doesn’t deny that the Packers offered a “market-altering” deal. It also shouldn’t go unmentioned that Rodgers allowed the news of his contract to spread until approximately 3 p.m., during his usual slot on Pat McAfee’s show.

Much like when “sources close to Rodgers leaked his Thursday deadline during the NFL Combine that he simply threw another grenade into the public discourse that will make him the center of discussion again. The sickest part of Rodgers’ deal is the much of it, $153 million according to the original NFL Network report, was guaranteed. For a 38-year-old quarterback.

To make things even crazier, moments after news of Rodgers staying in Green Bay, news broke that the Seattle Seahawks had traded Russell Wilson to the Broncos.


Rodgers’ return to Green Bay for a king’s ransom is the culmination of a 360-degree turnaround from him being “canceled” by a fictional woke mob.

Rodgers has a thing with numbers. Not like Ben Roethlisberger’s obsession with calories or how Tom Brady was preoccupied with PSI levels. Rodgers has spent his last year brewing pseudoscience that would explain how his homeopathic therapy (remember “immunized”?) was more effective than vaccines scientifically proven to prevent deaths from a deadly virus by 90 percent. It’s a curious position for a guy to take after only getting 75 percent of his contract guaranteed. Especially because NFC North vassal Kirk Cousins signed a fully-guaranteed contract in 2018.

Rodgers’ new contract will presumably make up for the immense financial losses he suffered by losing his fat endorsement deal with Prevea Health, a healthcare service provider in Green Bay. Rodgers is so easily irritated, he’ll be complaining about that $47 million left up in the air by next spring or use it as motivation. A key component of Rodgers’ personality is that when he feels disrespected, he raises his level of play. He’s been that way since he was forced to sit in an empty draft room in 2005. Last spring, he made it very clear how upset he was with management since they drafted Jordan Love without informing him. Rodgers has thrown for 85 touchdowns and nine interceptions in the Jordan Love era.

In a way, this was Rodgers’ ego waving a white flag to general manager Brian Gutekunst after years of bluster. During the 2021 Draft, Rodgers’ relationship with Gutekunst was reportedly irreparable and Rodgers was leaving Green Bay if Gutekunst was still in charge. Yet, at every juncture, Rodgers has backpedaled. Rodgers returned to training camp after Green Bay called his bluff and at the season’s end, convinced him to commit four more years to the Packers.

Gutekunst may have riled up Rodgers by wasting a pick on Jordan Love, but he hit so often, that he’s never truly been raked over the coals for his decision. Rodgers’ prime objective after his troll season will be redeeming his reputation. 2021 was one long grievance fest. He was aggrieved about the Packers not communicating with him. He was pissed off with the vaccine for having a better efficacy rate than Mason Crosby from 30 to 39 yards out. He raged against the veracity of electoral math and President Biden’s election. He was angry about how the vaccines weren’t 100 percent.

At some point, Rodgers likely peered at the landscape and realized Gutekunst (and Ted Thompson) had assembled a stacked team around him. Jaire Alexander is a premier All-Pro cornerback and Eric Stokes was a revelation as a rookie. In 2019, Green Bay selected Elgton Jenkins. Kenny Clark has been dynamite in the trenches, blowing up offenses from the interior. Left tackle David Bakhtiari missed 90 percent of the 2021 season rehabbing his torn ACL. Devante Adams was intrigued by following Rodgers to another franchise, but why risk another team luring Adams away with a Brinks truck similar to the one Green Bay drove to Rodgers’ front door?

Rodgers committed to this extension and restructuring before the 3 p.m. Tuesday deadline to use the franchise tag on Adams, making the latter 99 percent likely to return as Rodgers’ favorite target. It’s not 100 percent, but what is these days? For all those irrelevant numbers Rodgers fixated on before he received $153 million guaranteed, LVII should be first and foremost on his mind in 2022.

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