Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen could be headed for a breakup

Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen could be headed for a breakup

Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen may be headed for a breakup.
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The relationship between Stefon Diggs and the Buffalo Bills has reportedly been shaky for some time. Monday Night’s performance at home against the Denver Broncos did little to make Diggs want to stick around past this season. Diggs’ brother Trevon (Dallas Cowboys cornerback) couldn’t contain his frustration during the game and sent out multiple tweets during Monday Night Football that completely threw Josh Allen under the bus.

“Let’s not forget, he didn’t start going off till bro got there.”

Stefon was basically a non-factor in Monday night’s game, catching three passes for 34 yards on five targets. Late in the game, Allen rarely even looked his way. One can blame Allen for not getting his best-receiving option the ball, or you could look across the field at the guy guarding him. Denver’s All-Pro cornerback Patrick Surtain II had Diggs in handcuffs most of the evening.

Some take the approach of pointing the finger at the head coach, who’s more of a defensive guy.

Sean McDermott has already taken one step toward correcting the offense, as now former offensive coordinator Ken Dorsey was let go Monday morning. While that may be a start, it doesn’t change the seemingly fractured relationship between Diggs and Allen. When a receiver and quarterback can’t get on the same page off the field, they are destined to struggle on it.

Trevon’s tweets from home won’t help patch up any strains in Buffalo. There were rumors a while back that Stephen A. Smith spoke about on First Take in which he claimed Stefon wanted out of Buffalo. That’s what his sources were relaying, and the longer this stretches out, the more it seems like Smith’s sources were onto something.

Another factor to this equation is how Allen and the offense, in general, have declined since Brian Daboll left for the Giants’ head coaching gig. That couldn’t be more evident in the Bills parting ways with Dorsey halfway through season two. Somebody needs to get in a room and sort things out between Diggs, Allen and coach McDermott.

Running back Latavius Murry called a players-only meeting last week, but this team needs more than that. McDermott needs to get Allen and Diggs back on the same page, or it’s time to let Diggs follow his own path.

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