The 10 best NHL All-Star Game moments

The 10 best NHL All-Star Game moments

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This one is probably the most wacky All-Star moment, for both the meme and how memorable it is. John Scott was a journeyman who bounced around not only various NHL teams, but also between the minors and majors.

In 2016, Scott was a member of the Phoenix Coyotes, and won the fan vote for All-Star captain of the Pacific Division. The problem? Scott had only one point in 11 games — nowhere near what is “standard” of an All-Star.

The team urged him to remove his name from the game, but after he won the fan vote, he decided to stay and play. He was traded to Montreal weeks after being put on the roster, and the Canadiens sent him to their AHL affiliate.

Minor leaguers can’t play in the NHL All-Star game, and he was no longer in the Pacific Conference. The NHL even urged him to not play. Still, he played and did not represent a team, and scored two goals in the semifinal game. The Pacific team won, and he won MVP based on everyone on the internet sharing #VoteMVPScott.

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