The best NCAA Women’s Tournament teams at each seed

The best NCAA Women’s Tournament teams at each seed

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For the first time this year, the NCAA Women’s Tournament will expand to 68 teams, matching the men’s showcase, which expanded to that number of teams chasing a national championship in 2011. That’s more chances for a longshot to make a run and take down the sport’s elite.

Selection Sunday for the women is March 13, the same day as the men’s reveal with First Four games beginning March 16. Upsets happen every year in the tournament, while other teams that’ve been highly ranked all season continue their dominance to a Final Four. The 2022 edition of March Madness will be the first in three years with the possibility of full-capacity crowds, meaning few who’ll play under those bright lights have experienced it before.

With Selection Sunday less than two weeks away, we’re looking at the best NCAA women’s tournament team at each seed. It’s not necessarily the teams that advanced the furthest or the squad that had the best overall season. It’s our best shot at the team that best stands out from its competition. Only teams from the 1989 NCAA Tournament to present day were eligible for this list, as the field expanded to 48 teams, giving an even playing field. The field expanded again to 64 teams in 1994, before the change this year.

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