The best sports scenes from The Wire

The best sports scenes from The Wire

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Cutty’s gym is thriving. He’s got dozens of kids working out, and is feeling on top of the world. Truthfully, too much so because he begins to take advantage of his new standing in the community. It backfires on him, and he loses one of his original talents to the streets. He then loses another, Michael, who he never connected with until it was too late and he got deep in the game, as well.

Michael’s friend, Duquan a.k.a. Dookie, however, isn’t made for the streets. A thin boy, with a big heart and born into a family of junkies can’t find his purpose, or any respect. One day, that first boxer who left the gym gives Dookie a royal beating on the corner. Michael then takes his friend to the only person he knows that can help him, Cutty.

Dookie shows no boxing ability whatsoever and Cutty quickly realizes it’s not going to work. They talk for a while though. Cutty tells him that learning to fight won’t stop the bullying, and there’s a way to live that doesn’t involve being tough all of the time. But in the end he has to concede that in this particular section of America it’s the only way. He walks Dookie out at night and says all he has besides boxing knowledge, “is thoughts and wishes. I wish it was more, son. I do.”

And that’s the heartbreak that colors the show. Here’s a kid who really needs help, something different, and there is a person who would love nothing more than to help him, but he cannot because he doesn’t have the resources. Shiny new gym equipment, but no avenue out of their reality. A reality that too many people are stuck with. Chuck D of Public Enemy called hip-hop reality radio. That must make The Wire True T.V.


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