The Cowboys are built differently this season, but just how much is different?

The Cowboys are built differently this season, but just how much is different?

Zeke hopes you weren’t too upset by the outcome.
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This game was one of the best of the day.

And it proved that the Cowboys are a divisional round playoff team if they remain healthy.

This team has more offensive firepower than a Fourth of July party. They can beat you in any way that they deem fit. Ezekiel Elliott and Tony Pollard are arguably the best running back duo in the league, and Dak Prescott is virtually unstoppable because of the way he’s able to think through the game and dissect the defense he’s up against.

Prescott was 36/51 for 445 yards with three touchdowns and an interception against a Bill Belichick-coached defense on his home field. The Cowboys had over 560 yards of total offense on the day. If it wasn’t for a couple of turnovers this game probably wouldn’t have been as close as it was.

Nonetheless, Prescott and the Cowboys’ offense handled business in the fourth quarter and overtime to take the game out of the hands of Mac Jones and Belichick. Trevon Diggs had another interception yesterday and this time it went for a pick-six at one of the most crucial points of the game.

Now on the next play from scrimmage, he got beat like a church drum during a praise break but it all ended up working out.

Belichick and Jones are literally a few plays away from being 5-1 this season, but here they are at 2-4 with their playoff hopes slipping by the week. They are a few big plays away from being a really good team. As Jones progresses he’ll be better and be able to make those plays for New England.

Dallas, meanwhile, looks like a team that will be in the divisional round of the playoffs — at least — but as we know with the Cowboys, nothing is ever certain.

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