The excitement factor of the NFL Draft is forever ruined by insiders — and it sucks

The excitement factor of the NFL Draft is forever ruined by insiders — and it sucks

Adam Schefter, who was born with an iPhone attached to his face, has inspiringly leveraged his condition into a successful career. Unfortunately, it has ruined things for the rest of us.
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Anyone who grew up watching the NFL draft (and others) before social media existence probably misses that anticipation of not knowing who their favorite team would select. That nervousness, sweaty palms, butterflies in the stomach, hoping one’s team would draft that next generational talent or even a solid guy who could be a stalwart on the team for the next decade. There was nothing like that feeling, especially regarding the NFL draft. Of course, that feeling will never exist again with the evolution of social media, and Twitter specifically, as the platform where insiders have ruined it for fans, all in the name of “breaking news.”

It’s not just the NFL by any means. The NBA and NHL have also had the enjoyment and surprise of the draft swept away by the Grinch-like insiders that inhabit the sports media landscape. While realizing they’ve got a job to do and are only following what their bosses at the networks instruct, it still sucks for the rest of us who used to enjoy that moment of watching young people realize the goal they’ve worked so hard to attain. Leaking picks doesn’t mean we still can’t enjoy the moment. It’s just been diminished little by little over the years. Watching the first round of the NFL Draft doesn’t have the same impact it did once upon a time.

Now if you’re part of the group of millions not utilizing Twitter, you’re probably preserving valuable brain cells. If that is the case, you’re not the intended audience here. This is for those of us who have been engulfed by the social media world and can’t seem to escape it, no matter how hard we try. Twitter, in general, really is a world unto itself. It’s like a whole other planet amongst the stars in a galaxy far, far away. One many of us working in the industry know too well.

Sports fans love nostalgia, and what’s old tends to circle back around and become new again. Most things in life are cyclical. We need not look further than Hollywood for that example. Nostalgia and remakes seem to be the only thing moving the needle in Tinseltown. This phenomenon may eventually sweep over league insiders and networks to restore normal order to these drafts. While that’s highly unlikely at this stage (unless Twitter completely implodes), we all have dreams.

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