The Giants are lucky they can’t be demoted to a lower level like the XFL or USFL

The Giants are lucky they can’t be demoted to a lower level like the XFL or USFL

If not for the logos on the helmets, you might not recognize the New York Giants as a pro football team. They were absolutely slaughtered for the second time this season by the Dallas Cowboys, 49-17, to fall to a paltry 2-8 record for the 2023 campaign. The G-Men are in quarterback purgatory with an injured starter (Daniel Jones) and a backup on Sunday (Tommy DeVito) who looks like he might be playing in the XFL in a few months. Unfortunately for the Giants, veteran QB Tyrod Taylor is also out due to a rib injury.

The only positive for the Giants to come from this game is that they actually scored. In Week 1, the Cowboys blew them out at MetLife Stadium, 40-0. This time in Big D, the Giants nearly got a 50-burger dropped on their dome piece. This is what can happen when you give big money to the wrong player in the backfield. Paying Daniel Jones over Saquon Barkley has haunted the Giants all season and likely will into the future.

By halftime, the Giants had been outscored by the Cowboys, 68-0, through six quarters of play this year. It’s hard to believe this was a playoff team just a year ago. Not only did they make the postseason, but the Giants went to Minnesota and upset the Vikings in the wild card round.

Now, the G-Men barely look like a team that belongs in the NFL. DeVito passed for 86 yards and two touchdowns late when the game was well out of reach. Barkley averaged more than five yards per carry, but when you dig such a big hole, the only way to come out of it is to pass the ball.

Running Barkley much after halftime was no longer practical.

This team needs more than a makeover. Jones and DeVito need to be shipped off to an island and left there. Coming into Week 10, New York was averaging a league-low 11.2 points per game. Scoring 17 was an improvement, but all hope has been lost.

The defense gets just as much, if not more, blame as the offense after a second straight blowout. Last week, New York got mangled by Las Vegas, 30-6. The Raiders aren’t exactly one of the better teams in the league like Dallas. Brian Daboll has a reputation as a good offensive coach, and of course, you need the best talent to win. But if he can’t get this team to at least be more competitive down the stretch, his days as head coach could be numbered. Maybe Daboll should take Colin Cowherd’s advice and resign. Things aren’t getting better in New York anytime soon.

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