The Jets are exactly who we thought they were

The Jets are exactly who we thought they were

Zach Wilson is, uh, not Aaron Rodgers.
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The Jets are finding out quickly that every game isn’t going to be like Week 1, where they were gifted a win by Josh Allen, and the Buffalo Bills. Life without Aaron Rodgers will be just like it was before he arrived. All this talk about rolling with Zach Wilson already looks like a huge mistake. It’s easy to see that the Jets aren’t going to be as good as they hoped, minus A-Rod.

What Mike Greenberg suggests probably needs to happen soon. Since head coach Robert Saleh and the Jets apparently aren’t interested in any free-agent options, maybe trading for a quarterback is the answer. Although that’s how they acquired Rodgers, something must be done in a hurry. You can’t live off a good defense alone in the NFL anymore. Those days are gone when it comes to contending.

At this rate, the Jets could be out of the playoff race by November unless they get a legit QB under center. Rodgers talks about returning in a couple of months for the playoff push, but if they don’t get a legit replacement soon, there won’t be one. It probably won’t be Kirk Cousins, but there are much better options than who they’ve decided to roll with in Rodgers’ absence.

You’d think Saleh would want to go down with the best option possible, and maybe he does. Perhaps it’s the front office who wants to stick with Wilson for another 15 games. They are 1-1 after all. Their next four games are against New England, Kansas City, Denver, and Philly. Should the Jets lose to the Patriots next week, it’s time to cancel Christmas. That goose is cooked; it’s all over.

Even the winnable games on the schedule become enormous question marks with Wilson taking snaps. With Wilson at QB, games against the Pats, Texans, and Raiders become questionable. You’d figure they could beat Houston regardless of who’s handling the rock, but Wilson simply hasn’t shown much growth since entering the league.

Just when Jets fans thought it was safe to come outside, this happens. Oh boy, it’s going to be another long year for Gang Green.

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