The Lakers are already seeking a LeBron James-related handout from the NBA

The Lakers are already seeking a LeBron James-related handout from the NBA

Not getting fouled enough!
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Less than 10 games into the NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers have already logged a complaint to Commissioner Adam Silver’s office regarding a lack of foul calls. However, according to reports, it wasn’t concerning the team in general but about LeBron James. Of course, this action isn’t unusual for teams, but doing it this early in the season is somewhat alarming.

As seen in the clip above, some of those no-calls were questionable, but they weren’t egregious in nature. Of course, they feel James should get calls based on his stature in the association, but going to the commissioner’s office to complain this early in the season may be viewed as grasping at straws.

On the surface, this feels like nothing more than a positioning on the part of James, and the Lakers for the long haul of the season. Make the league and refs aware of our issues early so we don’t have to worry about it later. This is a common practice for organizations during playoff series, but taking this step in early November seems drastic.

When you break it down and look at the numbers, as a team, LA ranks in the top six of the NBA in free-throw attempts per game with 24.6. LeBron is second on the squad, taking just under six free throws (5.7) per game. Anthony Davis is first with just over six. Compared to the rest of the league, James ranks 23rd in trips to the charity stripe.

Even if there is evidence to suggest LeBron and the Lakers might be justified, it doesn’t change the fact that they’ve only played seven games. It simply looks desperate, like the season already hangs in the balance, with more than 70 games remaining on the schedule. LA’s next game Wednesday night against the Rockets will be interesting. Seeing James at the line 10 times this evening wouldn’t be shocking. It’s similar to when teams fire a head coach and go to the opposite end of the spectrum to replace them. That’s likely what the NBA will do in Houston to appease the King.

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