The ‘steal’ of the 2023 NFL Draft

The 'steal' of the 2023 NFL Draft

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I remember a lot from my time in journalism school. It set the foundation for my career with tons of great professors who were happy to pass along their knowledge. Guess I was sick or had a head-splitting hangover the day the “steal from the people you’re covering” lesson took place. What are they teaching in Los Angeles? I’m sure that also wasn’t part of the curriculum, but two USC students and reporters for The Talk of Troy, a podcast supported by the school’s journalism program, were arrested last week for the alleged theft of three first-round draft pick jerseys during the 2023 NFL Draft.

Eric Lambkins and Jude Ocañas were taken into custody at Kansas City’s airport. The alleged jerseys taken belonged to the Cowboys, Vikings, and 49ers. Jackson County (Mo.) police stated Ocañas and Lambkins entered an area, the “Talent Waiting Room,” which their credentials didn’t grant them access to on April 28, in the early morning hours after the first round of the draft had concluded with a bag. Police also stated the same bag looked fuller when the pair exited the room.

According to Annenberg Media, both students posted $2,500 in bail last Saturday and have returned to campus. Ocañas and Lambkins’ attorney, David Bell, issued the following statement to Annenberg: “Out of respect for our system of justice, we are not going to comment on the evidence outside of the courtroom. We are confident that the unique set of circumstances in this case, combined with the extraordinary reputations of Mr. Lambkins and Mr. Ocañas, will result in a fair and equitable resolution to all parties involved.”

Ocañas is a freshman at USC, while Lambkins is a graduate student. The NFL has not commented on the matter. 

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