These are the all-time NBA starting fives

These are the all-time NBA starting fives

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While debating politics over Thanksgiving can cause irreplaceable family fissures, debating the all-time starting fives for each NBA team holds way fewer stakes. There are many different ways to build an all-time starting five, all of which illicit strong reactions. Some people prefer to choose the players with the best statistics, while others prefer players who make up their personal Mount Rushmore.

Everyone can agree on a few things when it comes to all-time starting fives. First, they should be composed of players who are considered to be the best at their positions. Second, they should be players who have significantly impacted the game of basketball both in style and statistics. And finally, they should be players who are remembered for their greatness.

We set the table for an epic showdown among friends and family by naming our all-time starting five, greatest head coach, and one super-sub coming off the bench. Have at it!

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