Twitter just witnessed a murder

Twitter just witnessed a murder

Meet Toronto Blue Jays’ pitcher Anthony Bass. Anthony is currently in the middle of a $3 million deal, but that apparently doesn’t allow him to get his pregnant wife some help while she travels with their two small children. Check out this recent post Bass put on Twitter knowingly and of his own free will.

Pretty tone deaf, considering how down-sized flight attendants and airline workers have been since the pandemic, and that airline cleaning crews, which may or may not have the chance to clean your plane before you board, can make as little as $24,000 per year.

So allow me to take a moment to sympathize with Bass’ wife. I’ve made a cross-country trip with two small children (three and 18 months at the time), and doing it alone completely sucks. Hats off to all the single parents out there. Kids this age make messes as easily as they breathe, somehow managing to throw things around that you weren’t even aware of them possessing. They attract chaos in all its forms. And I even cut Bass a little slack on this one. We all take to Twitter to vent from time to time, justified or not. I’ve done it. You’ve done it. All it takes for us to cool down is a few sympathetic replies, people telling you that they agree that what happened to you was the greatest injustice in the world, and then it’s over.

But here’s where Bass, who has “Christian” right up top of his Twitter bio, went way over the line:

So Bass is out here trying to get someone who undoubtedly makes a lot less money than he does for a much more stressful job, disciplined at best and fired at worst. All because he doesn’t think his wife should have to clean up after his kids. And he just keeps doubling down and tweeting through it.

A normal person would see that a huge proportion of people were telling him he was wrong, and stand down. But not Anthony Bass! He’s out here thanking the (very few) people who supported him and trying to get an over-worked flight attendant in trouble.

This is where I tell you that, for all Anthony’s strong opinions on what flight attendants should and shouldn’t do, he sucks at his job even more. Bass’ ERA is currently 7.11, and his WAR is -0.2. So he should definitely be shooting his mouth off about how well someone else does their job. And that’s when Twitter user @e_munson stepped up and became the hero we needed:

Only a Mets fan could clap back with this amount of sheer darkness. God Bless New York.

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