Why is it the Jets are only ever relevant in the offseason?

Why is it the Jets are only ever relevant in the offseason?

Oh, Jets. Jets, Jets, Jets. Can’t you do anything right? Current Chief and former Jet Mecole Hardman was accused by various former New York teammates of leaking offensive game plans to opponents, including Kansas City and Philadelphia. That’s a juicy rumor even if it’s not true, and my guess is it’ll never be substantiated, so why pick those two games?

In a now-deleted tweet — aka the best kind of tweet — Sauce Gardner alleged Hardman turned double agent.

The thing is, the Eagles and Chiefs outings were arguably the two best showings by the Jets all season. They beat the then-defending NFC champs, 20-14, and just missed upsetting Patrick Mahomes and Co., 23-20. So let me get this straight, a former receiver was so disgruntled by Week 4 that he participated in career-threatening espionage to help opposing defenses stop Zach Wilson?

Not sure blueprints are needed to crack that safe and, of course, Hardman denies it.

My guys, he was in those offensive meetings, tried to catch Wilson’s errant passes, and saw in real time the offensive line’s brain farts. I’m pretty sure he knew crib notes of Nathaniel Hackett’s game plan weren’t going to help opposing defensive coordinators. If anything, the inner workings of Hackett’s brain are more likely to confuse than clarify.

“Hey, Hack, what’s this word here?”

“Strategery. George W. said that.”

“What’s it mean?”

“Mecole, what’d I say about asking questions?!”

“Only Aaron gets to ask questions.”

“That’s right.”

Honestly, if Hardman didn’t make the Super Bowl-winning catch, we’re probably not having this conversation. Was it hysterical that a Jet in the preseason made the championship-winning grab in a different team’s uniform? Yes, it absolutely was, and Gangrene is coming off real petty right now.

Sorry karma and field turf snapped Aaron Rodgers’ Achilles, but do not blame a former teammate for your shortcomings. Plus, the Jets were .500, and outscored opponents, 40-37, in games in which their offensive strategery was allegedly leaked. If they knew about this trend during the season, Robert Saleh should’ve faxed out detailed game plans every week.

If you’re going to accuse a former teammate of sabotage, at least apply some logic. 

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