Your AEW Revolution Preview

Your AEW Revolution Preview

Dog Collar Match: MJF v. CM Punk

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Fels: First off, I love the fact that I have a job that allows me to write “dog collar match” as part of it. Anyway…

This has been just about as brilliantly told of a story as wrestling has ever seen. From the first match build, to that actual match, to CM Punk having to dig deep within him, to MJF’s opening a vein on national TV and then using that to attack Punk, conveying that there’s a hole within him that can never be filled that he’ll never take responsibility for. It’s one of the best things on television, not just wrestling.

What happens here, in my mind, kind of depends on where it’s placed on the card in relation to the ladder match. This screams for a Wardlow turn, but that would only happen if it’s placed after the ladder match. And I think this is where we’re going, which gives Punk the win and perhaps sets up a third, winner-take-all match down the road. It’s going to be violent as shit and have shenanigans aplenty and everyone will be glued to the screen.

Blum: I don’t care where it led. I can’t get MJF’s promo from last week’s Dynamite out of my head. It’s a deep cut for the horrible heel to make perfect sense and paint the overwhelming face into a corner. Just fantastic storytelling with two of the best at the art form in the 21st century. Now that AEW’s ties with Ring of Honor are official, a throwback to Punk vs. Raven at ROH Death Before Dishonor in 2003 would be great. It was brutal and innovative. I expect more of the same. I can’t see how Punk doesn’t win here, as there’s no point in continuing the story if MJF gets another victory against Punk. Unless the play is to have MJF challenge for the AEW World Title at Double or Nothing, and having the first Jewish AEW World Champion crowned Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas, trading literal and physical jabs with Punk for longer will do both guys well.

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