Fox Ratings Plunge by 30%

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Fox has lost 30% of its viewers this season.

The Wrap reported that last year at this point in the Fall 2019 television season, Fox had an average 2.1 rating among adults 18-49. But to date, Fox has now dropped 30% of its primetime ratings in the key demographic and is averaging a 1.5.

The website noted it is the worst demographic decline among the major broadcast networks. The second worst belonged to NBC, which recorded a 29% drop. CBS lost one-quarter of its average demographic rating. ABC dropped 4%.

NBC is first in total viewers with a  6.14 million total viewers average — down 26% for its 2019 total. Fox is in second place with 5.32 million total viewers — down 30%. CBS is in third with 5.19 million total viewers — a 36% drop from the 2019 season’s 8.14 million average. ABC is in fourth place with an average of 5.11 million total viewers — a drop of just 10% from last year.

The Hollywood Reporter noted that as the pandemic caused production delays on shows scheduled for the spring and summer, a dwindling inventory of shows on the networks further depressed viewing.

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