DC Councilmember Trayon White reportedly owes over $80K in campaign-related fines

DC Councilmember Trayon White reportedly owes over $80K in campaign-related fines

D.C. Ward 8 Council Member Trayon White has found himself embroiled in a financial controversy, with reports indicating he owes thousands of dollars in fines linked to campaign-related funds. According to The Washington City Paper’s recent coverage, the D.C. Office of Campaign Finance (OCF) has imposed a hefty $20,000 fine on White and his campaign treasurer. Moreover, the OCF states that White is accountable for nearly $59,000 in public funds acquired through D.C.’s Fair Elections Program.

The Fair Elections Program, a relatively recent initiative, provides candidates with the opportunity to receive public financing. However, this funding is subject to rigorous audits and reporting requirements. White has participated in the program during the last two election cycles, including his 2022 mayoral campaign. Nevertheless, the OCF has identified discrepancies in the reporting associated with White’s utilization of the program.

Since 2020, White’s campaign has been compelled to submit numerous amended reports to the OCF. In a subsequent civil filing, White claimed he was unaware of these issues, largely attributing blame to the campaign’s treasurer. The treasurer, speaking to FOX 5, acknowledged the complexity of the requirements and expressed efforts to rectify the situation.

Regarding White’s 2022 mayoral bid, the campaign asserted closure of the committee and filed an intent to return the $59,000. However, a recent Auditor’s report revealed that the documents provided by the campaign failed to bring it into compliance with the D.C. Code. The audit highlighted the absence of a complete list of financial records and documentation necessary for a comprehensive examination.

Salim Adofo, White’s contender in the upcoming Ward 8 election, recognizes the stringent nature of these reporting requirements but emphasizes the importance of adherence. Adofo stresses the necessity for leaders to surround themselves with individuals capable of aiding in making sound decisions. He acknowledges the potential for mistakes but underscores the obligation of leaders to ensure meticulous preparation and compliance with regulatory standards.