Landover man accused of shooting DC Housing Authority police officer held without bond

Landover man accused of shooting DC Housing Authority police officer held without bond

A Prince George’s County, Maryland, resident, Victor Terrill, finds himself detained without bond following a ruling by a D.C. Superior Court Judge. Terrill stands accused of a grave offense – the shooting of a D.C. Housing Authority Police Officer in an incident that transpired last week.

The 40-year-old suspect faces charges of assaulting a police officer while armed and possessing a firearm during a violent crime. Terrill’s arrest unfolded in an apartment complex situated on 4th Street Southeast, a mere block away from where the shooting occurred.

According to D.C. Housing Authority police chief Michael Reese, law enforcement responded to reports of “unwanted guests” at the Carroll Apartments on 410 M St. SE, shortly before 6 a.m. Terrill and a female companion, neither of whom were residents of the building, were confronted by officers outside one of the apartments. Refusing to comply with directives to vacate the premises, a confrontation ensued, culminating in Terrill allegedly firing a shot at one of the officers, striking him in the abdomen beneath his bulletproof vest.

The injured officer was promptly transported to a hospital for treatment of non-life-threatening injuries. Fortunately, there were no additional casualties reported from the altercation.

Accompanying Terrill during the initial incident was 37-year-old Teyona Tolson from Southwest D.C., who now faces charges of unlawful entry.

Chief Reese expressed concern over the escalating violence targeting law enforcement officers, noting multiple shooting incidents involving D.C. officers since the onset of 2024. He urged vigilance among his fellow officers in light of these unsettling developments, emphasizing the challenging circumstances confronting both law enforcement and the wider community.

Terrill’s legal proceedings are set to commence with a court hearing scheduled for Monday, marking the next step in the judicial process to address the alleged offenses.