Apple may not do a spring event this year

Apple may not do a spring event this year

According to Mark Gurman’s insights shared in Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter, Apple has a slew of releases in the pipeline for the spring season. However, contrary to expectations, the tech giant may opt for a low-key approach, foregoing a grand event to unveil its latest offerings. This decision isn’t entirely unprecedented, as Apple has skipped spring events in the past, including last year.

Despite the absence of a formal event, speculations abound regarding the array of devices Apple is anticipated to unveil. Foremost among these is a revamped iPad Pro, rumored to feature an OLED screen and an M3 chip. This update marks a significant departure from the design of Apple’s highest-end tablet, which has remained largely unchanged since its 2018 redesign. Additionally, rumors suggest updates to the iPad Air lineup, including a new 12.9-inch version alongside the existing 10.9-inch model, marking the first refresh of the iPad lineup since 2022.

In addition to new hardware, speculations also swirl around the introduction of a new Apple Pencil, potentially featuring interchangeable magnetic tips tailored for various artistic endeavors and equipped with Find My functionality. Other anticipated accessories include a redesigned Magic Keyboard encased in aluminum, enhancing the iPad Pro’s laptop-like experience.

Spring rumors also point to the release of M3 chip-equipped MacBook Air models in 13- and 15-inch variants. While these updates may primarily focus on performance enhancements, they represent the first major update to the MacBook Air lineup since 2022.

Despite the absence of a grand event, the volume of new hardware releases is noteworthy. However, given the limited scope of changes, particularly with the iPad Pro, it’s uncertain how much excitement these updates will generate among consumers. The larger iPad Air’s reception among customers also remains to be seen.

Looking ahead, Apple’s next significant event is expected to be the World Wide Developer Conference, typically held in June. This event promises significant announcements, including updates to Apple’s operating systems and the unveiling of advancements in generative AI, reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts to stay at the forefront of technological innovation. Additionally, iOS 18 is anticipated to bring about the most substantial software overhaul to date for the iPhone, according to Gurman’s insights.