Victim’s wearing expensive Canada Goose, Moncler jackets targeted by DC thieves

Victim's wearing expensive Canada Goose, Moncler jackets targeted by DC thieves

Over the recent days, the D.C. police have documented several thefts, all sharing a common pattern: the targeted theft of high-value artisan jackets.

Between November 25 and 28, three incident reports outlined instances of armed robberies in the Northwest D.C. area, specifically involving perpetrators demanding expensive jackets, each valued at approximately $1000, from multiple residents in the DMV area.

In each case, a group of three to four masked individuals dressed in dark clothing would approach the victims, brandish weapons, and demand the surrender of their jackets, possibly along with other belongings, before making a quick getaway.

One of the reported incidents occurred on November 25 near the Estonian Embassy on M Street, Northwest. During this event, the suspects forcibly took a victim’s Mongoose jacket, along with his wallet, a pair of Jordan-brand shoes, and several other items after physically assaulting him.

In another incident around 10:30 p.m. on November 27, the suspects confronted a male victim walking down the 1400 block of P Street, Northwest. Holding him at gunpoint, they seized a Moncler jacket valued at approximately $1,800, as well as his wallet.

The third incident, transpiring just after 9:30 p.m. on November 28, involved the suspects stealing a blue Canada Goose jacket from a victim along the 1900 block of S Street, Northwest. In this case, the perpetrators focused solely on the high-end jacket during the confrontation.