15 most memorable women's March Madness moments

15 most memorable women's March Madness moments

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To kick us off, let’s talk about when the tournament actually became branded as the March Madness tournament.

The term “March Madness” came from a secretary of the Illinois High School Association back in 1939. He even wrote a poem about it. The men’s tournament has since taken the term, and branded everything with it, from decals on the courts, to shirts, to towels, everything is plastered with “March Madness.”

Then Oregon player Sedona Prince posted a video on TikTok about her team’s experience at the NCAA DI Women’s Basketball Tournament. Compared to the men’s side, the things they were given weren’t even close to equal. Title IX guaranteed them something equal, whether it was the practice courts, weight rooms, or apparel, the NCAA was falling flat. So, Prince called them out, and the following year, the NCAA did the right thing and made it more equal. Better facilities, more teams in the field, and of course, the title of “March Madness.”

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