Former UFC champ allegedly knocks out his brother’s tooth

Former UFC champ allegedly knocks out his brother’s tooth

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Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jamahal Hill was arrested on Nov. 27 on one count of aggravated domestic violence after allegedly punching his brother, James Hill Jr. in the face twice two days prior.

He hit his brother so hard that one of his teeth fell out, and his face and left eye appeared to be swollen, according to the report by the Kent County Sheriff’s Office and TMZ.

Reportedly, Hill and James were going to clean Hill’s house, as he had been out of it for months and needed to get rid of food that had spoiled in the fridge and freezer because the electricity had been turned off. James Hill offered to clean it for him with his wife for $300, TMZ reported. He had supposedly cleaned the whole house except for a freezer in the garage.

There were then two arguments that allegedly broke out between the brothers, per police. The first fight caused James Hill to leave, according to the docs.

Jamahal Hill then texted his brother asking why he didn’t clean out the freezer in the garage, and demanded half of the money back for only doing half of the promised job. According to the docs, James Hill returned to his brother’s home on Nov. 25 to finish the assignment before a second argument, which turned physical, occurred.

Hill’s manager took to X (the cesspool formerly known as Twitter) to make a statement, saying that Hill maintains his innocence and denies the accusations. It also said that they will not comment any further until they go to court. Hill took to YouTube to make a statement of his own, saying “I just can’t wait for the truth to be told in court and I will wait for that day and I look forward to that day.”

Hill has not stepped into a professional fight in almost a year, last appearing when he won the light heavyweight title against Glover Teixeria at UFC 283. He tore his Achilles tendon in July of 2023, keeping him from competition but is expected to return sometime in the first half of next year. 

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