IDIOT OF THE MONTH: Defending Trevor Bauer is never a good look

IDIOT OF THE MONTH: Defending Trevor Bauer is never a good look

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Mookie, Mookie, Mookie.

If you want to metaphorically throw a trash can through a window, at least do so for a person who was actually wronged. Speaking out in favor of Trevor Bauer is a waste of oxygen and vocal cord vibrations.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times’ Bill Shaikin, not only did Betts say that he hopes an MLB team will sign Bauer this offseason, but also “I love him. I think he’s an awesome guy.”

In regards to the violation of MLB’s domestic violence and sexual assault policy for which an independent arbitrator ruled that Bauer deserved a 194-game suspension — the longest in league history for such an offense — “The personal things? I have no control,” Betts said to Shaikin. “I have no say. Obviously, nothing came from it”

Nothing came from it except for a historic 194-game suspension, which the arbitrator reduced from the 324 games that Commissioner Rob Manfred had originally issued.

C’mon Mookie. You should be better than this. In a world in which it is so difficult for justice to be served for sexual assault and domestic violence, this independent arbitrator handed down a harsh ruling. Nothing is the opposite of the word that should be used to describe Bauer’s “personal things.”

Yes, the arbitrator did rule in December 2022 that since Bauer had been on administrative leave since July 2021 he was eligible to play at the start of the 2023 season. However, had a team signed Bauer, or the Los Angeles Dodgers kept him, he would have been docked pay for the first 50 games of the year.

There are many people in this world far more worthy of speaking up for in public than Trevor Bauer. Mookie, in the future, use your words to lift them up instead of a guy that your league threw the book at.

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