Rob Gronkowski may regret going after the Swifties

Rob Gronkowski may regret going after the Swifties

Rob Gronkowski
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As an NFL analyst, choosing your words wisely when breaking down and analyzing the game is crucial. This is Broadcasting 101, but it sounds like a lesson former Patriots and Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski snoozed through. Apparently, Gronk has a social media death wish, suggesting recently that the NFL has gone overboard with their Taylor Swift coverage during Kansas City Chiefs games.

“I would just say, ‘Bye bye bye,’ it’s just a little bit too much,” Gronkowski said on FanDuel’s Up & Adams. “Yes, show her, maybe have her perform a song now since they’re hyping her up every single week, but we want more football.”

However, Gronkowski isn’t the first NFL player to express a similar sentiment. Travis, egged on by brother Jason Kelce, feels the league has been “overdoing” it a little bit regarding Swift’s presence at games. But Travis and Jason, by extension, are currently in the good graces of Swifties. That is until this whole thing blows up, and the pop star writes a song about the “break up” on a future album.

Gronkowski isn’t part of the family, so he doesn’t have the same cover as the Kelce brothers. So, it’d be wise not to tick off that fanbase. Aside from those residing in/near Boston, most Swifties probably have little knowledge of Gronk’s existence. Many of them had no clue who Kelce was three months ago. Supposedly, pissing off this crowd is akin to ticking off Beyonce’s Beyhive. This usually spells bad news in fantasy X-Twitter land.

Gronkowski likely isn’t too worried about this, but it’s just a fair warning. Watch your back, bro. Gronk might even want to consider making his social media pages private. These folks can be rather vicious if you express anything other than pleasantries toward their queen. 

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