Tyreek Hill sued by model who claims Dolphins WR broke her leg

Tyreek Hill sued by model who claims Dolphins WR broke her leg

Tyreek Hill is being sued by social media influencer and model Sophie Hall, who alleges that the Miami Dolphins WR broke her leg in a football drill at his Florida home last summer.

Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill sued by OnlyFans model

Dolphins’ Tyreek Hill sued by OnlyFans model

After buying a ticket for her son to attend Hill’s football camp, the eight-time Pro Bowler slid into Hall’s DMs, according to the lawsuit obtained by the DailyMail.

“I am known to be a good stepdad,” one of the purported messages from Hill, who has fathered several children with different women — with there possibly being more, according to paternity suits against him.

Hill, 29, invited Hall to “come a day early so me and mom can hang” before giving her his cell number, according to the suit.

Hall, who has more than 2 million followers, says that she and her son attended the June 17 camp, where the wide receiver reportedly invited her back to his mansion.

The suit states that days later, Hall purchased a flight for June 28, and reconnected with the five-time All-Pro at his home.

While there, Hill allegedly asked Hall, 35, to participate in some one-on-one football drills during a training session in his backyard. It’s there, according to the suit, that Hall — running the ball toward Hill — shoved him backward, causing embarrassment. The Super Bowl champ reportedly asked Hall to switch, so he could rush at her. It’s on the fourth rep that Hall alleges that Cheetah “charged into her violently and with great force … causing her to suffer a right leg injury.”

Hall is suing Hill for battery, assault, and negligence. She also accused the wideout of downplaying the severity of her injury, saying that Hill told her to just ice it and rest. According to the lawsuit, her leg was “severely fractured,” and she needed months of physical therapy and reconstructive surgery.

The eight-year pro has yet to comment publicly regarding the suit.

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